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Albedo is a character introduced in Alien Force. He was originally a Galvan assistant of Azmuth. Soon after he
Albedo OV art
was turned into a red-eyed white haired negative copy of Ben.


Albedo was a brilliant young Galvan scientist, who served as Azmuth's assistant in the conception of the Omnitrix Project.

At some point before his first on-screen appearance, he asked Azmuth for an Omnitrix for himself, as he didn't trust "a mere human". When Azmuth refused, stating there could only be one Omnitrix, Albedo used his knowledge of the project to build a copy, and set it to match Ben's. However, by doing so, he accidentally put Ben's DNA as the default, causing him to lose his Galvan form and become a clone of Ben.


  • Trouble Helix (First re-appearance; true form)
  • The Ultimate Heist
    Albedo render

    His Galvan form.

  • For A Few Brains More

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