Benjamin "Ben" Kirby Tennyson was an average ten-year-old kid, until he found the Omnitrix, a powerful watch-like device that allowed him to turn into ten different alien species. Though initially immature and clumsy, he grew as a true hero. By the time he was sixteen, he had become famous in not only his hometown of Bellwood, but on Earth and beyond. Ben has also become a member of the Plumbers.

Benjamin Kirby Tennyson
Ben Tennyson - Poise Official Omniverse[1]
General Information
Species 3/4 Human

1/4 Anodite

Age 4 (Majority of Don't Drink The Water)
10 (Ben10)
11 (Ben 10: Omniverse)(Flashbacks)15 (Ben 10: Alien Force)
16 (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Ben 10: Omniverse)

Ben's Team DNA Force Plumbers Galactic Enforcers(Formerly)

Occupation(s) Hero
11th grade Student
Soccer player (Formerly)
Powers and abilities
Abilities Advanced Intuition
Enhanced Eidetic Memory
Exceptional Leadership Skills
Exceptional Weapon Skills (in alien form)
Freestyle Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Armed/Unarmed Combatant
Magical Abilities (future self)
Spontaneous Learning/Understanding
Intuitive Aptitude
Equipment Omnitrix(Prototype) (Formerly)

Ultimatrix (Formerly) Ascalon (Formerly) Omnitrix


Ben 10
Doofus (Gwen)
Dweeb/Megadweeb (Gwen)
Ben-Ben Tennyson (Reinrassic III)Ultra Ben (himself)
Super Hero (himself)
The Great Ben Tennyson
Savior of the Universe
Wielder of the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix
Benji (Kevin)
Ten Bennyson/Tim Bennyson/Tenjamin (Overlord)
Mr. Tennyson (Jimmy Jones, Judge Domstol)
Sweet and Goofy (Julie)
The Voice of Reason (Bellicus)
Young Tennyson/Young Master Tennyson (George)
Omnitrixter (Sumo Slammers online account)
Monster Guy (Rex)
Mr.Ten (Rebecca Holiday)
Terran (Inspector 13)
Ben Dude (Rook)

Alternate Counterparts Ben Tennyson (Ben 10,000)
Ben Tennyson (Dimension 23)
Ben Tennyson (Race Against Time)
Ben Tennyson(Gwen 10)

Various Video Games Selves

Voice Actor Tara Strong (Ben 10)

Yuri Lowenthal(Ben 10: Alien Force and onward) Ryan Kelly (Ben 10: Alien Swarm)

First Appearance And Then There Were Ten


In Omniverse 16 year old Ben wears a n
200px-1000px-Ben 11 year old-1-
ew shirt that resembles his classic shirt when he was ten. His shirt is black and has a green stripe in the middle with a 10 and green stripes on the sides of his shirt. He wears brown pants with pockets at the knees and green and white shoes. Like the previous three series, he wears the Omnitrix on his left wrist.

11 year old Ben wears the same clothing from the original series.

15 year old and 16 year old Ben wears the same clothing as in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien.

Powers and Abilities

Ben relies on the Omnitrix for his abilities in which he utilizes different alien species. Although he has shown many skills such as a photographic memory and great skills in hand to hand combat.


  • Ben is said to have a glorious future.
  • Since the new Omnitrix has no glitches it is assumed Ben doesn't fully understand it's functions.
  • It is said that since Ben is an all experience and no knowledge and Rook is all knowledge and no experience they will both cover each others sides of those logics to form a great team.
  • As seen in Blukic and Driba go to Mr. Smoothy's, Ben is allergic to peanuts.
  • As seen in Arrested Development, he is afraid of peacocks.
  • Ben's middle name, Kirby, is a possible reference to Jack Kirby, a famous comic book artist. 
  • According to almost all the seasons, Ben's favorite brand of shoes are "Converse".
  • As seen in Store 23, he hates gyros, to the point he almost vomited when he smelt them.
  • As seen in Special Delivery, he prefers turkey bacon rather than pork.
  • He thinks Mr. Baumann has issues.
  • In Showdown: Part 1, Ben confirms that his favorite color is green, favorite food is chili fries, favorite hobby is collecting Sumo Slammers, his worst fear is peacocks, and his first crush is Patty Berkenfeld from 3rd grade, as well as the fact he has a scar on his body in the shape of New Jersey.
  • 5 year old Ben
  • 15 year old Ben
  • Ben with his hoodie

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