Billy Billions is a villain in Omniverse. He is Ben's childhood rival.

Billy Billions
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General Information
Species Human
Age 16 (physically 11)
Affiliations Mazuma (servant)
Powers and abilities
Abilities Genius Intellect
Equipment Various Technology
Alias I.Q. Lad

Spoiled Brat (by Ben) Wiz Kid Petty Jealous Copycat (by Ben)

Voice Actor Aziz Ansari
First Appearance Arrested Development


Billy is a spoiled brat and is extremely jealous of Ben. He is naughty and has a superiority complex.


Billy Billions looks like a normal eleven-year-old human boy. He has a large forehead, and black hair which is styled like devil's horns. He has not aged in any way for 5 years due to the halting of aging of any biological life that enters Dimension 12.


Ben 10: Omniverse


  • His tower (Billions Tower) was first seen in Malefactor.

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