Brainstorm is a Cerebrocrustacean from the planet Encephalonus IV.

230px-Pose of Brainstorm-1-
General Information
Species Cerebrocrustacean
Home World Encepphalonus IV
Body Crustacean-like
Powers and abilities
Abilities Super Intelligence

Electrokinesis Technology Manipulation Electric Shields Flight Underwater Breathing

Equipment Neck Brace
Voice Actor Dee Bradely Baker(Alien Force and Ultimate Alien)

Corey Burton (Omniverse)

First Appearance Pier Presseure


In Omniverse, Brainstorm has a black loin clothe with a green strip running across it on the bottom of his body. He has a black strip in the center of his head with a green strip in the center of it. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on a belt where his neck brace used to be.

Powers and Abilities

  • Aside from a heightened intellect, Brainstorm can control electricity and project force fields around himself and others through thought, by opening the exoskeleton plates on his skull.
  • Brainstorm can use his electricity to telekinetically move objects, ranging from trains to even people and create electricity from his pincers without needing to open his skull plates, he can also cause a storm just by thinking of it.
  • he can shoot electricity bolts and make a large electricity blast.
  • Brainstorm is adept at back flips. Brainstorm has the ability to control machinery and such things, Brainstorm is able to control various aspects of his electricity ranging from a pushing, to shocking, to protective coatings. Brainstorm is able to breathe underwater. Brainstorm can make mental calculations.


Brainstorm tends to be egotistical which makes him forget to do simple things. His electrical attacks can be grounded. Concentration is required for him to use his powers.


Ben 10: Omniverse

  • Malefactor: He was dunked by a kid in the Dunk Ben 10 game.