Fistrik full body
General Information
Species Human
Age Unknown
Affiliations Corvo
Occupation(s) Villian
Powers and abilities
Equipment Various types of Alien Technology
Voice Actor Eric Buaza
First Appearance A Jolt from the Past

Fistrick is a villan who appears in Ben 10: Omniverse.


Fistfrick has an orange spiky Mohawk with black and white paint around his face resembling a skull. He is muscular and wears a black sleeveless shirt also with a skull on it. He has purple tattoos all over his body and wears knee pads, orange pants,silver shoes, black arm braces, leg braces, and wrist bands with spikes also on them


Fistrick claims that his business is reverse-engineering, mass producing and selling alien technology from this it can be determined that he possesses a degree of above average intelligence. On top of that he's shown to possess leadership skills which relies on intimidation rather than charisma or charm.

He also claimed to be a body builder and was able to punch a punching bag off of its chain and across a room. From this, it can also be determined that he possesses above average strength. Finally in combat, he utilized a large Nosedeenian-powered exo-suit which was shown to fire a large arsenal of missiles and laser weapons. He also appears to be a skilled animal trainer as he taught the Muriods how to walk upright, fight, and use heavy machinery.

He is very strong for a human, considering that he could compete in direct combat against certain types of aliens,he also show to have some degree of durability as he was able to recover quickly after Shocksquatch thrown him to a wall who managed leaving a mark behind and later took three kicks from Kickin Hawk to knock him down .


Ben 10: Omniverse


  • He always refers to Ben as 'bro'.