Four Arms is a Tetramand from the planet Khoros.

Four Arms
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General Information
Species Tetramand
Home World Khoros
Body Four-armed Humanoid
Powers and abilities
Abilities Super Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Jumping
Sonic Clap
Shock Waves
Voice Actor Richard Mconagle (Ben in Ben 10 and Galactic Racing)

Steven Jay Blum (4 year old Ben)
Charlie Schlatter (Kevin)
Vanessa Marshall (Gwen) Dee Bradely Baker (Ben in Ultimate Alien) John Dimaggio (10 year old Ben in Ultimate Alien and Omniverse)

First Appearance Washington B.C.


In Omniverse, Four Arms now has a different shaped head, a m
123px-Fourarms oficial (2)-1-

11 Year old Four Arms

ustache, the black stripe on the top of his head is gone, he has no hair, he has a green shirt with 2 black stripes, and black pants. He has a belt similar to Gravattack and Shocksquatch. He also has fingerless gloves with green stashes near his gloves. The Omnitrix is now on his belt instead of his chest.

11-year-old Four Arms in Omniverse looks the same as the original series but now has green eyes and the Omnitrix symbol on his shoulder is now green.


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Four Arms Strength

Four Arms' most prominent ability is his super strength, being able to lift several times his own weight, punch through various resilient materials and even create strong shockwaves by clapping his four hands together or slaming his fists on the ground. He can jump several times his own height. His strength allows him to use anything heavy as a weapon, from big rocks he can throw several feet away to beams and pillars that can be used as clubs. Another feature is his endurance and resilient skin, being almost fire and laser-proof.


Sometimes Four Arms' bulk is a disadvantage; all the extra muscle mass makes him relatively slow, and his size, likewise, makes using things designed for smaller species difficult.


Ben 10: Omniverse

By 11 Year Old Ben

By 16 Year Old Ben


  • Four Arms is the first alien to appear in Omniverse.