Gone Fishin' is the twelfth episode of Ben 10: Omniverse.

Gone Fishin'
General Information
Original broadcast December 8, 2012
Series Ben 10: Omniverse
Season 2
Episode number 12
Episode number in production order 12
Overall episode number 162
Written by Tom Minton
Directed by Chris Berkeley
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It starts out with a fisher man in a boat listen to the radio when him and two other boats get sucked in a whirlpool. As he's descended down he is yelling where's Ben 10. Then the scene goes to Ben, Rook, Grandpa Max, and Magister Patelliday in a boat fishing in Undertown. Then Grandpa Max And Patelliday start talking about fishing. Then Rook cathces a fish. Ben get's jelous so he turns to Ripjaws and try's to catch a fish but get's trash. Then Rook catches a fish by noodling so Ben does it but the fish sticks to his face. Then Ripjaws and Pattelliday are in the water trying to catch some fish when Patelliday get's Captured by two robots. Ripjaws chases after them. He manages to destory one robot with a rock, but the robot got away because Ben timed out. He floats to the surface and swims to Rook and Max. Then they go and chase the robot. As they chase the robot they approach a waterfall. As they fall down the waterfall Ben transforms into Rath who is mad because he does not like water. Then Rook uses his Proto-TOOL to grapple hook on the rocks then they descended down the waterfall Rath is holding the Proto-Tool but let's go then they fall down to the water where Rath times out. They get back in the boat and continue to look for Pattelliday. Then the scene switches to a underwater cave where a submirine is then the ship releases a whirlpool and sucks in two cruise ships. they go down into the submirine and then they bottle the boat. Then Captain Kork yells wheres his lunch. Then the scene switches to the robot setting down pattelday tied up on a platter in a kitchen ready to be served as lunch. Then the scene switches to Ben, Rook, and Grandpa Max in they're boat still searching for Pattelliday. Now they in a dark cave with two ways to enter. Ben says we go right it'll be faster so they go right. Then the scence switchs to the submirine where anther boat is being bottleled. Then Captain Kork demands his lunch then two robots enter with a dish platter which is Pattellday. The Captain gets mad and yells "Shushi I don't want shusi I want it cooked" then Pattellday says yeah I don't taste that good. So then Captian Kork sends them back to the kitchen on their way back Pattelllday sees the bottled ships and mutters "I wonder.". Then the scene switches Ben, Rook, Granpa Max back in the cave then they come open a robot grave yard when all of a sudden they spring to life and Ben transforms into Jury Rigg then he re-assembled a robot to fight the others. Then they continue to proceed Ben says I can handle anything when a Krakken jumps out of the water Ben turns around to Granpa Max and Rook sayin you got this one. Then it goes back in the water when Ben yells he wants to turn into Way Big he turns into Crashhopper. Then he asks Rook for a line. Then Crashhopper jumps up on the wall to be bait when the Krakken eats him he starts jumpping in stomach and he puke him out on land then Ben, Rook, Grandpa Max start to run down the cave. Then the scene switches to Pattellday in Kitchen he breaks free of his ropes and destroys the robots the escapes the submirine then he starts to run down a cave. Then the scene switches back to Ben, Rook, and Grandpa Max running down the cave. When Ben runs into a force field He tries to change into an alien but Magister Pattelliday opens it up from the other side. Then they go back where Pattelliday was captured to save the people in the bottles. then the submirine goes underwater. Then Ben and crew break in and Ben turns into Diamondhead and fights Captain Kork. While Rook, Grandpa Max, and Pattellliday to fight the robots . Then Rook breaks out of the fight to save the boats. Then the Submirine starts to sink so they all get in escape pods. They suface in Bellwood harbor. Then Ben times out, and Rook captures Captain Kork and makes a bad joke then Captain Kork stars to grown.

Major Events

  • Ripjaws makes his Omniverse debut with 16 year old Ben.
  • The Krakken makes his Omniverse debut.
  • Captain Kork makes his first re-appearence.

Omnitrix Alien Debut

  • Ripjaws (Omniverse debut with 16 year old Ben)



  • Captain Kork
  • Mechanneers
  • Krakken (Omniverse)

Aliens Used


  • In one scene, Ripjaws' Omnitrix symbol is on his chest instead of his green belt.
  • Stinkfly is mistakenly in the credits when he didn't appear at all.
  • In one scene, the lure on Ripjaws' head is white