Have I Got a Deal for You is the eighth episode of Ben 10: Omniverse In production order.

Have I Got a Deal for You
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General Information
Original broadcast October 13, 2012
Series Ben 10: Omniverse
Season 1
Episode number 5
Episode number in production order 8
Overall episode number 158
Written by Len Wein
Directed by Jae Hong Kim
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After a grueling battle Sunder as Shocksquatch in Undertown, Ben Tennyson encounters a salesman known as Prof. Blarney T. Hokestar, who offers him a product called "Prof. Blarney T. Hokestar's Miracle Elixir," that will "prevent that rundown feeling when you go from beast to boy." Ben turns down the offer, but follows Hokestar back to his shop, where he buys a Sumo Slammers action figure, the Professor gives the action figure to Ben for free, on the condition that Ben will act as spokes person for his product. Ben calls Rook Blonko for information on the Professor, according to Rook the Professor is a small time peddler and con-man nothing serious. On his way back home Ben encounters Pax an Florauna Alien Rights Activist, who claims that Hokestar is using an endangered species known as a Skreegit for his own benefit. Pax and Ben as Spidermonkey sneak into Hokestar's ship. There they find a Skreegit plugged into a milking machine, which leads them to discover that Hokestar is using the Skreegit's milk, for profits. Suddenly, Hokestar enters the room and accidentally fires his weapon, unfortunately blasting the top half of Pax's body off, luckily he demonstrates a potent healing abillity. Ben notes that the Skreegit looks pretty happy despite being in a cage more like a pet then a hostage, according to the Professor the cage is for his own safety and the Skreegit must be milked on a regular basis like a cow. The Professor and Pax get into a arguement over the Skreegit, having enough of it Ben decides to take the Skreegit into custody until the situation between the two is resolved, resulting in a three way fight between Pax the Professor and Ben as AmpFibian interrupted by the Professor's henchman Solid Plugg. Ben is eventually able to incapacitate the trio and takes the Skreegit into custody. Unfortunately during the fight the Skreegit's cage was cracked open and as soon as he's exposed to earth's atmosphere he mutates into a huge acid spitting monster. Pax soon arrives and explains that Skreegit's only react that way when they're exposed to nitrogen, Such as the nitrogen in Earth's atmosphere. While Ben and Pax argue the Skreegit gets away. Ben transforms into Wildmutt and with Pax riding him gives chase to the Skreegit. Likewise the Professor and Solid Plugg also gives chase on a rented scooter. While chasing the Skreegit a bridge is destroyed, Ben attempts to transform into something big to save the nearby train but instead gets Jury Rigg, Grey Matter and Nanomech before getting Bloxx. Arriving on Scene the Professor devises a plan to use Bloxx to contain the Skreegit while he uses a vaccum like machine to suck the nitrogen away. Aside from being harassed by Pax the plan goes off without a hitch and the Skreegit is finally contained in a forcefield. Rook and a squad of Plumbers Agents takes Pax, Solid Plugg, and the Skreegit into custody with Ben Warning the Professor that if he catches him anywhere near a Skreegit again he'll hand-cuff him to Pax for a year.

Major Events

Omnitrix Aliens Debuts




Aliens Used


  • When Bloxx rubs himself there is no blue on his belly.
  • When Rook shot Pax at the end, there were two of him.
  • In the credits, it is shown that Swampfire is voiced by David Kaye instead of Dee Bradley Baker.
  • When Ben is about to slam the Omnitrix for Spidermonkey, the Omnitrix was sideways.


  • Swampfire did not talk in his reappearance.