Jury Rigg is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet.

Jury Rigg
Jury Rigg (Omniverse)
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World


Body Humanoid Devil
Powers and abilities
Abilities Breaking Machinery

Fixing Machinery

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Agility

Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker (Ultimate Alien)

Bumper Robinson (Omniverse)

First Appearance The Eggman Cometh


In Omniverse, Jury Rigg now wears an aviators outfit. His ears have small tufts of hair coming out of them and his nose is bigger. The Omnitrix symbol is now on his waist.

Powers and Abilities

Jury Rigg has the ability to destroy machinery at a fast rate and fix machinery at a fast rate. He is pretty strong for his size, strong enough to break a metal brake in half. Jury Rigg is also very agile.


Jury Rigg has a strong desire to break machines; in other words, he is hard to control.


Ben 10: Omniverse


  • Jury Rigg's aviator outfit in Omniverse is a reference to the fact that gremlins(who have similar appearance) tend to tear apart planes.
  • He also remembles an imp.
  • He usually knows what happened after he destroys machines.