Lodestar is a Biosovortian from an unknown planet.

General Information
Species Biosovortion
Home World Unknown
Body Humanoid
Powers and abilities
Abilities Magnetism
Enhanced Strength
Voice Actor Dee Bradlely Baker
First Appearance Simple


In Ben 10: Omniverse, Lodestar has spikes on his head and new head shape. Also he has lines beneath his mouth and his mouth now moves when he talks. In addition, the aura around his head is green instead of white.The yellow from his feet go up to his thighs. His chest and shoulders are bigger and the yellow stripes by his chest are shorter.


  • Lodestar has the ability to increase his magnetic powers, overload electric circuits and attract metal.
  • Lodestar can magnetize any metal object and can emit magnetic pulses.
  • Lodestar can use magnetic waves as attacks and can create electromagnetic force fields around himself similar to Gwen's mana shields.
  • Lodestar can regenerate if destroyed.
  • Lodestar has the power to levitate.


Ben 10: Omniverse


  • Lodestar's mouth can move in Omniverse.
  • He is the first alien used by 16 year old Ben in Omniverse.
  • Lodestar's name originates from lodestone( a highly magnetic rock).
  • Lodestar's horns in Omniverse greatly resemble Jetray's.
  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt he will not appear in Omniverse for awhile.

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