Many Happy Returns is the eleventh episode of Ben 10: Omniverse.

Many Happy Returns
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General Information
Original broadcast December 1, 2012
Series Ben 10: Omniverse
Season 2
Episode number 11
Episode number in production order 11
Overall episode number 161
Written by Johnathan Callan
Directed by Jae Hong Kim
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Previous episode [[Of Predators and Prey: Part 2]]
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The episode begins with a fire raging in a building. A firefighter saves a man, but his daughter Madison is still inside. Ben appears and tries to transform into XLR8 but turns into Rath instead. He goes inside and rescues Madison, but she dropped her doll. Rath goes back inside, but is about to get knocked off, when Gwen saves his life with a mana shield. Rath, Gwen and Kevin then exit the building, and gave Madison her doll. They then go out for smoothies. Suddenly, a ship attacks them, and Rook saves them. They drive away in the Proto-TRUK, which turns into a jet. Ben uses Bloxx to stop it. Kevin then tells Ben that he needs to hide. Ben tries to hide him in Undertown, when the ship returns. Princess Looma Red Wind comes out, strangling Argit. Looma attacks them, and Ben holds her off as Terraspin. Looma defeats him, and attacks Kevin. They escape into the sewers, where Kevin tells them why the Princess is hunting him. When he worked with Argit, he beat Looma in a fight and got an engine for his car, but he had to marry Looma so he ran, and she has been hunting him since. Looma returns again, and Ben turns into XLR8 and attacks her. Looma escapes with Kevin and XLR8 chases after her. Gwen and Rook exit the sewers. Above ground, they find Kevin, and XLR8 is receiving a serious beating. Gwen attacks her in her Anodite form. Then, Warlord Gar comes. Kevin is about to marry her when Ben challenges Looma to a battle. He changes into Crashhopper. Looma is defeating him when Ben tries to turn into Cannonbolt, but he gets Clockwork. Looma beats him again when he turns into Shocksquatch. She still defeats him and he turns into Four Arms. Kevin thinks he has now got a chance to win, but Rook says that female Tetramands are traditionally stronger than male Tetramands. But, Ben defeats her, and it is revealed that female Tetramands marry the ones that beat them in battle. Kevin and Gwen leave, and Looma says she'll be back in three years. Ben mutters that Kevin is "so dead" as Rook looks back to see Argit sound asleep.  

Major Events

  • Gwen and Kevin return.
  • Ben learns from Gwen that kevin has a job.
  • Princess Looma makes her debut.
  • Four Arms makes his Omniverse debut (for 16 year old Ben)

Character Debut

  • Princess Looma

Omnitrix Alien Debuts



Aliens Used


  • In one scene, Gwen's shirt was shorter and resembles the shirt that she wears when in Anodite form.
  • In one scene, the green clothing on XLR8 is colored blue.
  • In one scene, XLR8's Omnitrix symbol is missing.
  • When Rook was about to shoot Princess Looma, the Plumber symbol on his back was black.
  • Though Ben said he was going for XLR8 in the first scene, the hologram he selected was Rath's.
  • When Ben interrupts the ceremony a part of Looma's left chest armor is colored red instead of black.