Mucilator is an alien form of the Nemetrix used by Khyber's Pet. She is the predatory species of Crashhopper.

212px-Mucilator Render-1-[1]
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
Body Grotesque Frog
Powers and abilities
Abilities Firing Sticky Sacks
Enhanced Durability
Super Strength
First Appearance It Was Them


Mucilator appears to be a fat, grey, rock-skinned alien. She has purple-pink spheres, which are similar in appearance to those of Ultimate Swampfire.

Powers and Abilities

She is immensely durable able to survive repeated blows from Crashhopper and her massive size makes her extremely strong and her immense size hides potent charging speed. her real ability that makes him Crashhopper's predator is his sticky sacks, which she can use to trap Crashhopper when he tries to jump at her.


Ben 10: Omniverse