Trouble Helix is the sixth episode of Ben 10: Omniverse in Production Order.

Trouble Helix
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General Information
Original broadcast October 16, 2012
Series Ben 10: Omniverse
Season 1
Episode number 4
Episode number in production order 6
Overall episode number 156
Written by Geoferry Thorne
Directed by Dan RIba
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Late at night Khyber appears at Max's Plumbing Shop and manages to sneak inside the plumbers base. Driba and Blukic are testing a new weapon against Chromastone. Khyber sneaks past them and enters a file room, and plays the helix file holo display. Chromastone's Omniverse DebutAdded by BenXpIbrahimOnce the file is played it shows Galvan Prime where Albedo and Azmuth are working on something, Max comes barging in asking Azmuth to fix the Omnitrix so he can get some rest. Azmuth says that it is low priority and to come back in 2 years, which Max responds to angrily. Ben as XLR8 enters the lab playing with Azmuth's inventions the breaks one, Azmuth then fixes the Omnitrix. Max then tells the kids to sit outside the lab while Max talks to Azmuth, suddenly a meteor strikes Galvan Prime landing in a swamp which is actually Malware in a different form. He emerges out of the swamp and begins to destroy Galvan Prime to find Azmuth. In turn it catches young Ben's attention, he turns into Feedback to see what's going on. Feedback and Malware do battle but before Ben can finish the job the Omnitrix reverts Ben back. The Omnitrix recharges and Ben transforms into Four Arms he and Malware battle again, which Malware wins again. Malware enters the lab trying to make Azmuth give him an Upgrade like he promised, Azmuth claims he needs more time but Malware takes the helix (because he's grown impatient) and Albedo, he then flies out of the lab to go to Galvan B. Everyone (except Gwen) gets to go they then give chase to Malware. Diamondhead Battling MalwareAdded by BenXpIbrahimOn the ship Azmuth tells how he created the Galvanic Mechamorphs, he also tells them how Malware came to be. When they land they begin to track Malware leaving Azmuth behind. To Max's surprise Ben ditches Max. Inside the chamber, Malware is rushing Albedo to fix the helix, but Ben comes in as Heatblast and fights Malware. Max arrives inside the chamber and begins to fight Malware with Ben. Albedo finishes the helix because if he didn't it would have destroyed Galvan B. Malware then begins to upgrade himself, but Albedo haywired it and destroys Malware, but to there surprise the upgrade is complete and begins to tell the others his plan. Ben transforms into Cannonbolt and fights Malware. Ben reverts back and Malware blasts the ceiling trapping Ben in rubble, but to Malware's shock Ben is alive because he transformed into Diamondhead. Diamondhead encases Malware in crystal and is victorious. They later leave Galvan B.

Major Events

  • XLR8, Chromastone and Diamondhead make their Omniverse debuts.
  • Blukic and Driba make there debuts.
  • Malware's origin is revealed.
  • The Galvanic Mechamorphs and their planets origin is revealed.
  • Khyber manages to infiltrate the Plumber's base.
  • Azmuth and Albedo make there Omniverse debut.

Omnitrix Alien Debut

Omnitrix Alien Debuts



Present Villains

Flashback Villains

Aliens Used

By 16 year old Ben

By 11 year old Ben


  • The activation button of the Omnitrix appears on both sides of the dial. This error is seen many times.
  • In some scenes Four Arms didn't have the stripe on his back.
  • In one shot Malware's hands where covered with yellow instead of being all black.
  • When Malware shot Cannonbolt, his back didn't have armour. In the same scene, the Omnitrix is shown on Cannonbolt's chest instead of forehead.
  • The back of Gwen's is completely colored dark blue instead of pale blue.


  • This episode was originally intended to be aired as episode 6.
  • Gwen's original voice actor Meagan Smith is replaced by Ashley Johnson for 11 year old Gwen.
  • This episode chronologically takes place before The More Things Change: Part 1, explaining how Ben knew Malware's name.
  • Rook is shown not to appear in this episode.
  • Blukic and Driba make their first non-cameo appearance.

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