Way Big is a To'Kustar from Cosmic Storms.

Way Big
Way big full body
General Information
Species To'Kustar
Home World Cosmic Storms
Body Humanoid
Powers and abilities
Abilities Super Strength
Super Durability
Cosmic Rays
Able to create and control Cosmic Storms
Voice Actor Fred Tatascore(Original Series)

Dee Bradely Baker (Alien Force and Ultimate Alien) Greg Cipes (Kevin)


In Omniverse,Way Big's bolts on his cheeks return and he has three red lines on his neck, His blades on his shoulders have also returned. He also has fingerless gloves like Four Arms.

11 year old Way Big is exactly the same with his 16 year old self, only shorter.


11 year old Way Big.

Powers and Abilities

  • Way Big is very strong (even for his size), as shown when he defeated Vilgax (who was Way Big's size at the time) and threw him into orbit.
  • Way Big has great durability, withstanding fire from enemies while barely even feeling them.
  • Way Big can shoot a cosmic ray similar to the Ultraman signature technique Specium Ray. He does this by crossing his wrists together, with his right forearm vertical and left forearm horizontal in front of it and the thumb edge of his hands facing his body, to shoot from the outer edge of his right hand a powerful green ray.

    Way Big firing his cosmic ray


Way Big often forgets how strong he is. His size also gives him a slight mobility issue (since he has to be careful where he steps and avoid buildings around him) and he easily gives his location away.


Ben 10: Omniverse

By 16 year old Ben

By 11 year old Ben


  • He has appeared in all 4 series of Ben 10.
  • Way Big's size appears to change throughout the show. 
  • As of Blukic And Driba Go To Mr. Smoothy's, Way Big now speaks with a Japanese accent, further nodding to his inspiration, Ultraman.
  • According to Derrick J Wyatt, Way Big's super speed was a glitch power.
  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt, parts of Way Big are made up of an unknown cosmic material wirh metallic properties.[1]